Timeline – Powerpoint notes


  • During the 1930s-1950s, the world faced the great depression and WWII. These two situations not only had an impact on society
    • Life is indespensible. Can you do that just because someone got shot?
    • Prior, during and after the war,
    • Wall Street crash, American bowl?
    • didn’t have the money to make the films or public to see
    • People wanted to escape the
  • Many people sought reguge in films, from the 1930s – 10590s. Science Fiction films used the unfamiliar with the familiar to make
    • Make the unfamilar, familiar
    • In America, it was about money. The WW mean’t that although American didn”t get bombed, they still lost men
    • Alteriaty
    • Parallels to the war (look at moderm ones)
    • Man is the cause of the men being killed

Man looks like stalin or hitler

The Thing (black and white)

  • The Space Race began in 1957 between America and Russia, influencing many science-fiction film narratives. They really began eploring the idea of aspace travel and other planets/world/life forms.
    • Science Fiction an reflection or extension of reality
    • Start exploring space
      • Returnnig theme from mars rover


  • The Space Odyssey (60s)
    • Gravity, Moon,
    • Released a year before Neal Amstrong


  • Once journeys into space become common-place in society, films and television shows like, 2001: A Space Pdyssey and Star Trek, that focus ed on life in space really began to excell.
    • similar hype to Avatar however they had more media publication then this
    • Space Opera
  • Some SciFi films also used their narratives to make social commentary about fight against the
    • Brainwashing = ideology
    • Brave New World
  •  Still current because we still don’t know but we want to know
    • Last 20 years
      • Trump = mad scientist
      • Alien Sightings
      • Zika Virus
      • Shootings
      • Russian>Japanese>ISIS
  • Scientific developments in robotic and nanotechnology caused  a shift in Science ictions