Saving Mr. Banks | 2014


Who was the target audience for the film "Saving Mr. Banks? Disney's Primary Target Audience is 4 to 12 year old boys and girls, as explained in the consumer analysis. This particular film however is aimed at men and women between the ages of 35 to 55. This is Disney's Secondary Target Audience. The adults who were 55 would have been 5 Mary Poppins was released. The adults are the secondary audience because they would have been the audience who been brought up with the Disney films in their life. They would have also been children when the film of Mary Poppins was being created. This Dramatic Biopic isn't a completely new concept to Disney [African Cats 2011, Earth 2009, The Greatest Game Ever Played 2005] however the Disney film based Biopic is new. The only other film of similar sorts by Disney is Waking Sleeping Beauty but this films was more designed to the criteria of a documentary rather then a story based depiction of a film like Saving Mr. Banks. These styled films are the ones made for Disney's Secondary Target Audience.

[The driver speaks to Travers about his own family (Daughter). It’s a subtle/obvious comparison between the father he is and the father Travers had.]

[it’s not the children she comes to save. It’s the father, your father.]

How did the film provide for this audience?

Why was the film made if it had emphasised the negative association Walt disney had with P.L. Travers?

So Why change to true story behind the film for a Biopic?

It is unspeakably dreadful. So why create something of sorts. Under the _ explanation, it states that films are created in order to earn money, right? Then why create a film to partially give a

Reference (Warning. Double check sources to ensure reliability):


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