Jurassic Park

Monday 7 December 2015

Genre: Action & Adventure

Director : Steven Spielberg

Screenplay Writer: Michael Crichton, Devid Koepp

Actors: Sam Neil as Dr. Alan Grant

Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Satter

Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcom

Cars in nature scenic

Not seen as out of place in our today’s society because of the common scenic drive humanity has. Humanity has taken over the

“Where do you get a hundred million year old dinosaur blood from?”

The DNA structure of the Dinosaurs’s were designed to “deny” them of the ability to be male.

“A full DNA strand contrains 3 billion genetic codes…It’d take two years to look at the entire strand!…Since it’s old, it’s full of holes! That’s where our geneticists take over!…Since most animal DNA is 90% identical, we used the complete DNA of a frog to fill the holes and complete the Codes!”

25:07 – The “genetictists” symbolise the humanities need to both reverse evolution for “science” and humanities knowledge.

28:00 – White colour of Scientists lab clocks being white typically symbolises the labs steriyle and

_ finds the experience of a dinosaur breaking out of it’s egg completely normal where as the scientists are all acting like children with a new toy to play with. _ has even shown maternal characteristics towards the dinosaur. He has shown more care for the dinosaur then he had his own human nephew and niece.

Refer to "The Lemon Orchard" - Dog vs Black Man. Dehumanisation. Oppression.

“there is no unortharised breeding in jurastic park”

“Life finds a way”

29:50 – animals chromosons are manipulated. Humanity is specifically controlling the animals to their own

Find quote about humans being the only species of animal to have become knowledgeable and prevented their own evolution.

Evolution will always happen, Time won’t stand still.

31:00 – the sacrifice of the cow isn’t actually a new concept. Humans are easily omnivores. The cow however is whole and alive, making the audience question the morality of eating a cow. They would believe the dinosaur is horrendous for eating the whole cow when in fact it is also apart of our own diet. The audience questions their own diet when the human scientist group eats.

“…Lack of humility stagers me”

“Don’t you see the danger”

“It didn’t require any discipline to acquire it”

“What you call ‘discovery’, I call the rape of the natural world”

33:20 to 36:30 -Meeting

“Spend a bit of time with our target audience”

36:50 – Not labeled niece and nephew when introducing to scientists but rather the target audience for the park.

The Unseen “Jurassic Park” Poster art | Buzzfeed


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