Book Reading List

Friday 11 December 2015

Media Studies – BOOK Reading List


791.43   A Cinematic History of Sci-Fi and Fantasy (Mark Wilshin)

791.43   A Cinematic History of Horror (Mark Wilshin)

791.43   Feminism at the movies: Understanding Gender in Contemporary Popular Cinema (Edited by Hilary Radner and Rebecca Stringer)

791.43   Film Moments: Criticism, History, Theory (edited by Tom Brown and James Walters)

Pg. 162 – ‘I wasn’t expecting that!’ Cognition and Shock in “Alien’s” (1979) Chestburster Scene

791.43   Fresh Approaches to Film (Brian McDonnell)

Pg. 24 – 40 Genre, semiotics, synatics, signs and signifiers, metnyms/metaphors

Pg. 45 – 49 Quick overviews to feminism and psychoanalysis¹

Pg. 53 – Intro to the Hays Code²

791.43   Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies (John Scalzi)

Pg. 3 – Origins of Science Fiction Literature

Pg. 27 – The History: a warp-speed tour of sci-fi films

Pg. 203 – The Science: Theories that fuel sci-fi

791.43   Understand Film Studies (Teach Yourself)

Chapter 4 – Film Genre (inc. 1950s Sci-Fi)

Chapter 5 – Documentary

791.43   Understanding Film Theory (Christine Etherington Wright and Ruth Doughty)

Chapter 2 – Film Theory (especially Rick Altman

Chapter 8 – Psychoanalysis

Chapter 9 – Feminism

Chapter 10 – Masculinity (Male anxiety, violence and homoeroticism – Fight Club)

791.43   A long hard look at ‘Psycho’ 2nd edition (Raymond Durgnat)

791.43   Film Studies – The pack of essentials (Andrew M.Baker)


Horror Film – Reader (edited by Alain Silver and James Ursini)

Senior Media Studies (NCEA text book)

The Making of Blade Runner (Paul M Sammon)


Beginning Theory (Peter Barry)

Film Genre Reader IV (edited by Barry Keith Grant)

Key Concepts and Skills for Media Studies (Vivienne Clark, James Baker, Eileen Lewis)


1001 Movies you must see before you die (Edited by Steven Jan Schneider)

Hollywood (David Thomson)

Cult Movies (Danny Peary)

The illustrated book of Science Fiction Ideas and Dreams (David Kyle)

¹Phycological Theory

²Making of synchronized and silent motion pictures – Morals, Codes, Guidlines


Can copy 10% of text as long as you source it


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