Blade Runner | 1982

Genre: Sci Fi and Thriller

Director : Ridley Scott

Screenplay Writer: Hampton Fancher, David Webb Peoples

Actors: Harrison Ford as Rick Decard

Rutger Hauer as Roy Batty

Sean Young as Rachael

The golden years 1956–1974

The years after the Dartmouth conference were an era of discovery, of sprinting across new ground. The programs that were developed during this time were, to most people, simply “astonishing”:[46] computers were solving algebra word problems, proving theorems in geometry and learning to speak English. Few at the time would have believed that such “intelligent” behavior by machines was possible at all.[47] Researchers expressed an intense optimism in private and in print, predicting that a fully intelligent machine would be built in less than 20 years.[48] Government agencies like ARPA poured money into the new field.[49]

Voight-Kampff machine inspired by turning test? ¹ Separates Humans from AI/Replicant.¹

Based on the Novella –

What’s it’s place in genre?


Replicants personality matching their maturity (link between personal experience and mental development)



Manufacturing humanity? similar to ex-machina. becomes flawed

Roy makes us think, who is more humane: Man or Monster? or Creator or Monster? Roy could be seen as technology which has intelligence beyond our control.

Is he a replicant? The unicorn, in the deleted ending, is made as a symbol of created reality and imagination, . The whole point is that you will never know a clear answer. Ridley Scott’s made it his business not to indicate which is true because he

Turning test? What does this have to do with anything? just for the basics, the turning test was

Check out “The imitation game”

All technology from the 80s was coming from Asia

eerie music

red eyes

brain transplants

abnormally strong


child like and sexual

sinister corpse


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