Alien | 1979

Tagline: In space no one can hear you scream.

Typical grammar rules – no special CAPITALISATION, Bold, or Italic use to emphasis specific words in the Tagline.

Comparing Key Female Characters in Iconic Media:

Lady Macbeth VS.

Face Hugger Scene:

  • Monstrous feminine
  • Ridley Scott deliberitle made his eye look off so it was more phalic
  •  – wearing nappy like
  • Pre-pubescent boy
    • lack of hair
    • vest
    • choice of clothing
  • placed in a glass box
  • Cord placed in it’s throat
    • helping breathe but panting embryo
    • violent rape
    • cord like embilicle cord
  • blood flowing – refer to barbara creed

Close up –

  • Used fresh oysters – look disgusting
  • Bodliy flesh and a genetalia implication.
  • appeal to our perverse views , abject


  • “The company”
    • .

Chestburster scnene

  • puts a spoon in his mouth
    • old time way to stop him from biting his tongue
  • violent birth (forced)
  • mix of organic and machnical
  •  Primordical issue of birth, feal child was gonna be born in stomach
    • extremem closeup
      • force you to watch it


The face hugger is pumping liquids into the body and involving blood. It was both killing and keeping it alive. HIV at the time was being recognised in the public and was spread amongst men. It was known as the Gay disease. They were aware of it being spread through sex but thought to be from only Gay men.


  • shape similar to a spider
  • Blood replaced with acid like liquid
  • “Got a wonderful defence mechanism. You didn’t care kill it…”



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